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These are recent releases from the official artists of DOLO Records.



Infused with the Atlanta trap culture and influence, SwaVay releases "TRAPLANTA 2", the sequel to the previously released "TRAPLANTA". This project is presented with gritty lyricism, deep aggression, and sonically bass-boosted sound.

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Hadi displays two years of hard work and dedication with his long awaited debut album, "I Can't Die Yet". In this album, the artist explains that whatever the world may throw at him, no matter how chaotic or challenging, he will not be put to rest. Hadi will prevail through all things against him.


Chloé | DAZED (EP)

Go on a trip and feel the intoxicating vibes of life, love, and purity with Chloé's EP, "DAZED". Smooth guitar play, addictive harmonious chords, and notes of summer love radiates through this project so beautifully.


Hadi | Hadi Tuesdays (EP)

The day after Monday never looked so good. Hadi turned every Tuesday into his very own holiday with this EP, "Hadi Tuesday". Each week debuted a new exclusive track from the artist with a few guest features to prepare fans for the release of his debut album.



With an old school boom bap delivery that will take you back to the 90s underground, Jahnai releases his five-track, "Lower Class EP". The fresh sound and street roots with effortless and charming lyricism allows this body of work to be timeless.

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Chloé | FOREVER (EP)

Fall in love with Chloé "Forever" in this emotionally driven seven-track EP. Poetic lyricism with delivery from her light and airy indie voice that engulfs you in her world of lustful imagination.


Hadi | The Black Dove Collection, Vol. 1 (Mixtape)

With a more "holy" delivery, Hadi releases "The Black Dove Collection, Vol 1" balancing the cinematic differences between good and evil. Through all of this, Hadi still prevails.


SwaVay | B4EYEDIE (Album)

SwaVay releases his debut album "B4EYEDIE" telling the story of a long summer filled with emotional trauma and face-to-face confrontation with Death himself. This album is a staple of his artistry with dark delivery and realism.


Hadi | My Last Summer in Atlanta (Mixtape)

No more handouts, no more settling, and no more excuses. Hadi realizes that the environment he is living in is toxic and demotivating in debut mixtape, "My Last Summer in Atlanta". The artist realizes that he is greater than the average, therefore he deserves greater.


SwaVay  | You Think You Know Me (EP)

"You Think You Know Me" is a more emotionally motivated EP and the stepping stone towards the creation of his debut album. SwaVay is easily misunderstood and underestimated by the opposition, but he allows them to think they know his every calculated move. From ominous trap sounds to soft jazz, the EP allows the artist's message to be highlighted amongst all.


SwaVay | All Eyez On Me (EP)

Paying homage to one of hip hop's most respected & critically acclaimed rap artists Tupac Shakur, SwaVay releases his debut EP, "All Eyez On Me", allowing the artist to be the focus of attention. The EP explains his individualism against other artists who will desperately do anything to be in the limelight— laced with cocky lyricism and experimental sounds.


SwaVay | READY TO DYE (Mixtape)

"Ready To Dye" is SwaVay's debut mixtape showcasing his lyrical ability and aggression with a classic boom-bap twist, paying homage to New York's legendary rapper Biggie. This depicts a story of a young aspiring rap artist with crazy work ethic, a lot of baggage, and a bad history with love. In short, be great or die trying.